Talks Like the Country and Looks Like the City


Dear Cowbell Lovers and Haters,

Lately, I feel like the stations I’ve been listening to have been falling short of my expectations. I have 3 presets I flip between while I’m commuting, and on more than one occasion in past past week or two, I haven’t been happy with what any of them are playing. I’m picky about my car jams.

So what did I do? Did I turn the radio off and ride in spiteful silence? No. I kept searching, and I landed on 93.7 FM (Vancouver Area). You’ve probably guessed it. The Country station.

Now, I came to realize over the times I stayed tuned to this station over the past week that I do, in fact, like country music! Shocker. And I started thinking about why I thought I didn’t like it. And I realized the only reason I had ever avoided or said I didn’t like country was because of the people around me who said that they didn’t like it. “Too much cowbell” or “I like every kind of music EXCEPT country” or “They’re all the same, about breakups or their dog dying.” Ring a cowbell?

So anyways, setting aside these preconceptions that others had engrained in my mind about country, I found myself enjoying it more and more. That being said, I would still like to poke some well natured fun at the genre with this list.

8 Ways to Know You’re Listening to a Country Song

  1. There is a metaphor about life that involves a road.
  2. Honey, Sweetheart, Darling, Baby or equivalent pet names are used.
  3. Feelings are stated openly and simply.
  4. Talks about a foreign land called “The City.”
  5. There’s a classic man falls for women, and pursues her kind of plot.
  6. The singer remembers all Mama’s advice.
  7. Makes mention of pretty ponytails, worn-out jeans, boots, trucks, slowdancing, traffic lights, cigarettes, whiskey, the front porch, broken hearts.
  8. It’s written by Tom, Tim, Taylor, Blake, Luke, Dusty or Willie.

Whatever you feel about country music– or any music for that matter, I’d challenge you to think about WHY you like it. Do you like it because it’s top 40? Do you like it because it reminds you of the person who showed it to you? Do you like it because it’s uplifting, or you agree with the message? Do you like it because it’s relaxing or energizing?

Do you like it because YOU enjoy it, or because someone else does? If it’s because of someone else, you should have a musical date with YouTube, and look up one song you like and listen to it, and keep clicking related videos and see if you turn up with some new music crushes.

If you’re interested in what’s popular in country right now, click here for Billboard’s top trending country songs.

Comment below with your opinion on country music!

-jessi hannah jay.

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