The Gipsy Kings


Dear Maraca Shakers,

My boyfriend introduced me to this gem of a band, The Gipsy Kings. The band members come from the south of France, but they perform in Spanish. The Gipsy Kings consist of 8 band members: 2 sets of brothers. The 5 Reyes, and 3 Baliardos have popularized the classic flamenco of their parents internationally adding “rumba Gitano,” which their website explains is the South American rumba rhythm combined with flamenco guitar playing.


I’ve yet to listen to all their music, or even most of it– they’ve released 12 albums since 1986– but I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve heard so far. It’s hard to sit still when you’re listening to them. It’s wonderful to dance to, or to clean to!

As I don’t speak Spanish (though I am definitely going to learn!), the words and music melt together and I can appreciate it as a whole. I find when listening to music in English, I can get distracted by the lyrics and I never really appreciate the actual music unless it is a guitar solo in the middle or something.

The Gipsy Kings were originally named Los Reyes, because of their family name, which is translated to mean The Kings. They were also considered a gypsy band as they began their journey busking the streets of Cannes, and playing at parties and weddings. Thus out of Los Reyes and their gypsy lifestyle was born The Gipsy Kings.

Fun fact: 3 of the band members are left-handed and play their guitars upside down.

3 Songs that will convince you they are awesome and that you should check out more of their music:




You can find out more about the Gipsy Kings at their website:

-jessi hannah jay.

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ps. I know this post is late! Life has a way of getting in the way and demanding that you do practical things like sleep and exercise and clean up the house.


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