A Visual Reflection


In 3 days, I will celebrate one year of dating my best friend. I have known Mike for most of my life, from kindergarten or grade one we’ve been in the same class or at least the same school. We had our first slow dance with each other in grade 8. We went to prom together (only as friends!) in grade 12. Three years out of high school, here we are together. 

Our journey to this point has not been smooth or easy, but I have never been so grateful to be exactly where I am in this moment. Mike supports my dreams, treats me like a princess and can make me laugh harder than anyone else. He appreciates my gifts and abilities, and encourages me to pursue my passions and be true to myself. 

I am very in love with this man. He has my heart. I will probably do another post on our actual anniversary, but here is a little collection of pictures to show you a bit of us. 


^Mike is Santa, I’m the reindeer on the right. Our friend Martin is the other reindeer. This is grade one, I believe so it would be around 1997. 


^ At our graduation ceremony in 2010. 


^ At our prom in 2010. 


^ On a day trip to Whistler Village, we were outdoor skating in this picture.


^ Mike took me up for a flight in the Cessna 


^ collage of selfies. 


^ Mike and I on my 21st birthday BBQ this past June (2013)


So thankful for this man in my life. 

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