Dear Readers, 

I find writing (and occasional, spontaneous art making) to be the most healing of all processes apart from prayer.

I just wanted to share a short part of something I wrote which maybe will help one person to feel like they can fight another day, or to begin to search for what is meaningful in their life. Whatever it does, I’m just putting it out there.

Again, this is just a piece of a larger thing I’m working on, so it may feel like you are entering a conversation half way through.


A friend tells you a beautiful metaphor. She asks what causes a tree to grow its roots deeper? It is the dry season, the drought that forces the tree to take hold of the earth, to dig deeper to find life-giving water.

This resonates with you. You’ve been in the drought and the dry, the starved, the searching for more than a year.

There’s a necessary final push to get past everything. Giving the final all-in effort to get over the past and find out what’s on the other side of this mountain. So you do.

You push. You search. You pray and plead. You intercede. You cry. You fight. You search for the light that is so elusive in the dark and the peace that is so desired in the pain and the joy that was stolen by sin.

Digging to find this water. Pushing your roots into the soil further and further, it’s painful as you grow through the tough soil, but it is growth. It is a reinforcement of your foundation. It hurts, but you are growing. You become more confident when the wind blows because you know what it does not. You haven’t just been sitting around waiting for things to get better. You have been digging. You have been pushing. You have grown and changed from last season. You have put your roots down so that nothing will uproot you. Christ has made it so. He is the foundation and the life-giving water that you have searched for. 

This imagery of roots, and growth and working to stand tall and firmly on your foundation is very important to me, and motivates me to keep working towards a life that is value-driven, love-driven and demonstrates strength to inspire those who feel weak to persevere.

I know many people reading this will not have the same faith as me, I would still challenge you to look at your foundation. What are you rooted in? Have you found peace in the way you live? What have you done in the dry seasons of your life?


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