Christmas Movies


I know Christmas has just come and gone, but I watched 3 Christmas movies that I had never seen before this year, and thought I would share a few short thoughts on each if you haven’t seen them and need to start planning for next year already! Just kidding… but I know you Christmas keeners exist! Image

1. It’s a Wonderful Life (I know, I know.. the shame.)

2. A Christmas Story (yep, never had seen this one either!)

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

It’s a wonderful life made me cry and made me want to watch more black and white films. I never appreciated old films when I was younger, but I’d love to watch more of them. Leave a comment below if you have a favourite old film that I should check out! 

A Christmas Story made me laugh. I want that lamp! I saw a christmas ornament shaped like it at Target. So awesome. I liked how it was narrated by adult Ralphie. 

Tim Burton did not disappoint. This is Halloween stuck in my head. I actually love claymation movies so much because my sister and I used to make them when we were younger. Even more excited for my trip to Disney in January, I hope they’ll still have the Christmas stuff up at the haunted mansion!


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