Crossed something off my bucket list…


This happened today…



So happy with how they turned out. Overall a great experience, and worth the hour of pain. I’ve wanted to get an anchor tattoo for years. Might do a post on why sometime soon, but I figured I’d share the pic right away anyways.

5 thoughts on “Crossed something off my bucket list…

  1. Now you can be assured that you will walk with your feet firmly planted on the ground, keeping you well balanced.
    Are you a sailor? Or have some sort of sailing background?

    1. The ocean was a huge part of my growing up. We’ve always lived about an hour away from it, and done lots of camping on Vancouver Island and along the coast of BC.

      Being grounded (and balanced as you mentioned) has become a very important principle in my life. In terms of my values, attitude and whole life philosophy and I like the symbolism of anchors to represent that. In the midst of unknown or stormy waters, it’s a security and assuredness that I’ll make it.

      I also see anchors as a symbol of trust, and they serve as a reminder to trust myself, my instincts, my ideas, my head and my heart.

      I guess that’s the best way I can summarize it.

      They also make me think of my parents. My dad loves sailboats and my mom is a swimmer/kayaker/scuba diver.

  2. Careful Tattoos are addictive! I thought I would just get one and now I have 5! and they aren’t small either! They are all reminders to me of very important things in my life. I love them, even if others don’t!

    1. Oh yes. I was hooked from the moment I walked into the shop. I’d been planning it a long time, and was so ready and excited. I’ve already planned my next couple tattoos. 🙂

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