Nostalgia and Future Thoughts


I went for a drive into the sunset tonight. Just me, my awful double-double, the wind in my face and music loud. New roads so close to my home, that I’ve never been down. I found some very serene fields and schoolyards I’d like to revisit soon when my camera battery has been resuscitated. 

In this kind of endeavour, it’s almost impossible to not fall into reminiscence of similar times in the past. Other twilight drives, previous melodies that have invaded my ears, different times of contented, transient solitude. 

And when one starts to ponder being alone, it can’t help but follow to remember the times you were not. And even the times when you were not alone, but it felt like you were. I feel thankful for all these times. I feel thankful that I know the value of solitude and the joy in togetherness. Their contrast is an inevitable cycle in life even if they blur together at times. 

ImageMusic, driving, and fresh air all possess healing and transformative powers. A new song can speak the words that have only sat on the corners of your mind, and connect you to another human being you may never meet. Driving transports you, if only momentarily, from that place of stuck- of paralysis… Even if your legs won’t go, wheels can take you somewhere new. And fresh air. Oh goodness, I’ll never get enough. Winds will wake a sleeping disposition and remind you that there’s always more air to breathe, more to do. The smells of summer are coming. 

I’m feeling grateful for everything right now. Even in uncertainty, my past has given me many tools and the future is wide, wide open. The world is your oyster, as they say. When things are getting uncomfortable, when you’re being prompted to change and adapt, you’re close to making a pearl. Only through an irritation of your normal environment does something beautiful and new emerge. 


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