Weekend Practice


Good morning world!

How are you feeling this morning? Are you refreshed or just functioning? How did your weekend’s activities play a role in your attitude and energy today?

I just had a great weekend so I thought I’d share what made it so rejuvenating and energizing for me.

F R I D A Y / S A T U R D A Y
1. Go to bed EARLY on Friday. Counterintuitive though it may be in this TGIF world, this will set you up for a great weekend. Trust me, you aren’t missing anything.
2. Wake up naturally without an alarm on Saturday morning. If you followed the advice in number 1, you will probably wake up early and well-rested.
3. Spend an hour on a self-care routine. For me, that was 5 minutes of meditation followed by several rotations through a short and easy morning yoga routine. I spend this time by a window so I get some natural light to help the waking up process and I finish it off with some writing and tea time.


4. Be productive for at least a couple hours in the middle of the day. Get some laundry done, do an errand you’ve been putting off or organize something in your home. Exercise is a great idea too, it will make your relaxing time more enjoyable.
5. Spend some time with Family if you can. I had a sleepover with my nephews where we ate junk food and watched a movie we made together.
6. More self care before bed. This included a hot bath and some online perusing… Window shopping and dreaming/planning on pinterest.


7. Sleep in a little more than normal but not too late.
8. Watch a digital concert (my boyfriend and I watched Justin Timberkake at Rock in Rio)
9. Tidy up around the house, get groceries or whatever else will help to make Monday better. A little prep saves a lot of time.
10. Have friends over for dinner and some kind of activity. Games, baking, crafts… We sat in the living room and listened to music while we drew pictures with coloured markers.

Where is your weekend bliss? How do you unwind and prepare for the upcoming week? Would love to hear your ideas.. comment below!


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