Adventure Time


Dear January-Resolution-Makers-Come-February-Fizzle-Outers, 

This is the year, my friends! I am going to share with you part of my epic list of things I plan to do in 2013. These are more activity/experience/achievements rather than improving skills or developing habits. It runs more on the side of a bucket list than goals or lifestyle changes. Of course I have goals too, but a good brain-dump of the adventures you want is more fun! Your epic list is totally up to you though, so have at it. Here’s some of mine to get you going:

– Get my nose and tragus pierced

– Get my hair dyed at the salon (last box dye turned my hair blue!)

– Do 100 pushups in a row

– Find out my blood type

– Subscribe to 3 magazines (Vogue, Psychology Today and Self)

– Read through the manual for my Nikon D90

– Buy a video camera and start a Vlog/song cover channel

– Sell a piece of art

– Film a music video

– Get published in the school paper

– Learn how to drive stick

– Learn how to play poker

– Be debt-free

– Get a tattoo

– Increase my writing exposure through a guest post on a high traffic blog/website

You will quickly discover that I am all about lists and that I love to dream. And how good does it feel to actually do the things you’ve always wanted to but put off? I wrote a song called “Reheated Dreams” quite a while ago and it starts out:

“All we ever do, is talk about tattoos

We want to get, but haven’t yet.

We rip our dreams out of magazines, 

We’ll travel far away… it’ll happen someday!”

Someday is today. If you like lists too, here are a number of sites that you will enjoy (yep, another list):

-43 Things


-Day Zero


From my latest adventure in Whistler, BC.

What adventures do you have planned for this year? Comment to let me know!

-jessi hannah jay.

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