My Northern Start


I’ve begun the process of making a packing/purchase list for my move this July. I’m moving to Nunavut. Away from this warm and wet BC West Coast, up to the Canadian arctic. I’m not nervous about the move; I’ve left home for extended periods before, with less contact with family than I will when I go. I’m looking forward to this change, this opportunity to develop in so many areas of my life. My mind has been overflowing with ideas and expectations and plans as I continue to research.


ImageA picture I found on Pinterest of St. Jude’s in Iqaluit, below the glorious Northern lights.


Here’s a few lists which give a quick overall picture of what I hope to get out of the experience. 

The tourist in me wants to… 

  • See some wildlife (polar bear, seals, whales)
  • See the Northern lights
  • Snowshoe or cross-country ski
  • Dogsledding 
  • Try some new foods (This one will be challenging! Especially if it’s meat/fishy stuff, but I’m gonna try to keep an open mind!) 

In the way of work… 

  • I’ll be nannying for my sister’s family 4 days on, 4 days off when she returns to work from mat leave. I’ll be taking care of 3 of my nephews ages 8 months, 4 years and 6 years. Seriously cute and funny little boys, I can’t wait to spend time being auntie + nanny. 
  • Will be getting a second job to work on those days off. Probably as a waitress if possible, as that’s where I have experience and it’s a great second income.
  • Currently looking for opportunities to volunteer or intern in a position relevant to my field of study. Hopefully can jump on board with a French radio station/newspaper I found, or at the library or something related to writing/communications. 


  • Very excited to spend time with my sister and her family, who have been living up North for about 2 years now, and I’ve never visited. So glad I could be the one to fill this need.
  • The past year of school has really been a struggle for me mentally. I love learning, I love school… but I’ve just been too stressed to be able to absorb and participate as much I would like to. I’ve been a slave to academia and making money and I don’t like that. 
  • I love meeting new people and travelling! 
  • Exposure to a new language and culture will be an interesting and challenging experience.
  • I will work to develop my writing, photography, film and editing skills while I’m up there. I’ll be getting my YouTube up and running and continuing to blog (in addition to any intern position I will get hopefully)
  • I think it must be impossible to make a change this big without changing yourself in the process. The process of standing firm in my decision, working hard, adapting to a new environment, making sacrifices (leaving family, postponing school, quitting my current job), and following through will be an amazing journey and I know I won’t regret taking this leap of faith.