Leaving the Country


Dear Travelling Appreciateurs of Musique,

I couldn’t get tickets to see the Lumineers here in Vancouver, but I got them for their second concert down in Redmond, Washington. Me & mi amor drove down to Bellevue for lunch and walking before making our way to Marymoor Park for the concert.

It was a gorgeous day in Bellevue (a very fitting name for the place that day).





We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We both had decided we would recommend the place to anyone who asked before we even got our meals, basing our decision on the delicious and unlimited bread that we got as a starter.

We both got the Macaroni and Cheese Burger. This was the best and biggest burger I have ever eaten. IN. MY. LIFE. Mike agreed. We had to take most of the burger as well as a slice of cheesecake(when in Rome) home with us. It was just as delicious cold. It was pretty much worth the 2+ hour ride just for that burger.

IMG_6595 IMG_6586

Then it was onto the concert. Nate Rateliff and Dr. Dog opened for the Lumineers. I hadn’t heard either of these bands, and I really liked them! I felt they were better fits for the Lumineers than their last time round (Y la Bamba).

Check out “You Should’ve Seen The Other Guy” by Nate Rateliff

& “Heart It Races” by Dr. Dog

& “Falling in Love” by the Lumineers(one of their newer songs)






Where’s the furthest you’ve travelled or would travel to see your favourite band?