✮ Monday Motivation ✮


Welcome! Monday Motivation will be one of my weekly features! This week’s challenge:


^Sorry about chopping the top of my head off, and also my bird squawking in the background!

A new food, an activity, talk to a stranger, take a different way home from work, part your hair in a different place, wear a little less (or a little more) makeup, have your waiter/waitress surprise you with your order. When you switch things up, you may find a new favourite, see something unexpected or make a new friend. Who knows!

If you’re still stuck, give this recipe a try! I came up with it last week and I love it. I call it Spiky Lemonade. I find the flavour really nice and more complex than just a simple lemonade, and so much more healthy! No added sugar or chemicals. Apple=sweet, ginger=spicy, celery=salty, lemon=sour… It’s so refreshing! I hope you will give it a try (even if you can’t find cactus to add, it would still be good without it– just add another apple and celery stalk).

You’ll need:

-1 apple (or up to 3, if you prefer a sweeter taste)

-2″ chunk of ginger

-2 stalks of celery

-3 lemons

-1 Nopal cactus leaf (see the health benefits of cactus here)

After processing the apple, ginger, celery and cactus in a juicer (I like to use a glass citrus juicer for the lemons) pour the juice into a blender over ice and blend! This is such a refreshing drink, and I find juicing is a great way to sneak in some foods that I don’t normally get in my diet.

Let me know if you give this recipe a try or if you have a cool idea for something new to try this week!

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