Coming Attractions


Dear Neglected [but probably didn’t notice I left] Readers,

I have news.

I have contracted an infection. 

It occupies a lot of my time, it’s on my mind while I’m at work, and when I am going about my day.

Now, in light of Withdrawal, you might be thinking this bug I speak of, is the grammer bug….[begin rabbit trail] By the way, I have my phone back again. Somehow over a month after having lost it, a fellow student at my school tracked me down on Facebook and I was able to get my phone back and not have to replace it! I have been Instagramming to no end (delicious foods, pretty flowers and selfies of course), though that is not the point of this post, and this is not the thing which infects me. [end rabbit trail]


My impulse to create, my urge to bring newness into existence, to build upon what exists and to ask questions about what’s around me that no one else is asking. My desire to form and fabricate a life of beauty and meaning, to appreciate the aesthetic of simple things, to celebrate performing arts, to find new ways to love.

It has been overwhelming. It is like an infection, which itches, burns, screams for attention. It does not settle until it gets this attention.

So what to do? In reading a post on Gala Darling’s blog titled “Blog On, Babe: Get Organised!” I knew what I had to do. All the disorder of my mind had to be shaped into a plan. All the ideas had to be compiled and ordered, given a number in the line of the endless projects I wish to accomplish.

She suggested making a calendar out of a large post-it and writing down what day you will do what. It just so happens I have giant post-its, so this morning I let go of all excuses and sat down and made this 7 week calendar of blog posts and YouTube videos I will be making.

Also, in a book I am reading by Michelle Goodman, The Anti 9-5 Guide, she suggests carving out time several times a week to commit to your pet project on the side. Time to do the creative things you wish you were doing while you are sitting in your cube(or other less than thrilling day job location).


Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 1.11.24 PMThis took a good couple hours to make, what with the additional research and detail hunting. But it was worth every minute. I am so excited to follow this plan and be more consistent on my blog here(3-4 posts a week coming up!), and also finally start my YouTube channel.

So what’s coming up?

FILM: Reviews, actor and director features, my YouTube channel
ART: Artist features, gallery visits, my drawings, crafting
MUSIC: Favourite bands, artists, songs, covers on my YouTube channel
STYLE: Outfit of the day(OOTD), decor, DIY
LOVE: What I’ve learned about loving myself, things I love(& you should too), relationship talk

First up is a music post, and that’ll be coming up on my birthday! Check back this Saturday, June 8th! 

Peace & love kids,

-jessi hannah jay. 

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Dear Grammers,

I’ve been without my phone for 2 weeks now, and I have to say I quite miss contributing to the beautiful thing that is Instagram. I have not photographed a meal, an outfit or a beautiful sunset in this long. On the positive side, this did prompt me to stop being cheap and lazy and go get a new charger for my DSLR battery, so I’ve taken some real pictures and I’m ready to start my YouTube channel! So incredibly excited.

Anyways, Instagram is viewable online, and I was browsing and realized I have a lot of outfit pics I’ve done since the last post I did with different things I wore throughout the week. So here’s another style post.

punk dress dots combat cinergy alligator

peace & love kids,

-jessi hannah jay.

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Will be getting a new phone very soon! My constant IGing will return to its normal level of annoyingness soon.

Spring is Cutting it Up


Dear People Anticipating Bikini Season,

In my shopping ventures of the past few weeks, it seems the trend from last summer is going to continue. Crop everything. The shorter the crop the better. At least they’ve got some better high-waisted options available to go along with the crop tops to give a bit more coverage. However, the shorts are pretty short too.

I’m pretty picky about where I will wear a crop top or short shorts. Washing the car in the dead heat of August, and the beach, or a casual picnic at the park are pretty well my limits. If I am going into a store, or will see extended family, I’m just not comfortable with it. I think the cropped trend is fun (and functional, if it’s hot!), but I don’t think it’s appropriate for every situation (in my world, anyways). As a general rule I never wear low-rise jeans with a crop top.

The past few days have been sunny, and I realized I don’t have any denim shorts. So I DIYed it (seen below). I’m thinking of doing some kind of roll up trim with some other material or maybe distressing them.

Going through my closet yesterday I realized I really jumped on the crop trend last year, I found about 5 or 6 tops that show my abs stomach.

Tops and shorts aren’t the only thing being reduced in size (though never in price it seems, what’s up with that? Less material=less $$… guess not). On the Ellen show the other day, she went through the current bathing suit trends. It’s a good laugh. Click here to watch that.

Now that I’m off school (had my last exam yesterday!), I will be posting a lot more. I am so excited to get going on all my ideas for my blog here, and also the YouTube channel I’ll be starting soon.

Here’s my own little “Polyvore” kind of picture. Let me know if you like this kind of thing in the comments below. I’d love to make more!


What do you think of the cropped trend? Ready to bare all when the sun comes out? Comment below!

-jessi hannah jay.

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I lost my phone so I won’t be updating IG for a while! 😥