Lucky you, Murphy


In this cold, cold tundra (though today I was informed, “it’s only chilly, wait until winter…”) every bit of colour and positivity counts. I have yet to encounter a blizzard, a long power-out, or the days with 20 hours of darkness, but it won’t be long. I’m working to forge friendships and build personal strength that will get me through the winter.

In my last post featuring positive graffiti, I featured a local artist and someone (unknown) who had changed F*** the police to Hug the police. I found some more today on a photo walk that made me smile and that I wanted to share with you.

Murphy’s law is something that you come to expect and anticipate here. Staff shortages, unpredictable weather, losing your internet if the wind is too strong or it rains. I really like the graffiti I found that says “Lucky you Murphy” because Murphy’s law never leaves you feeling lucky. Things go wrong up here, and you just have to deal with it and keep going. I hope you enjoy these pictures and that you remember that you can get through whatever is going on in your life right now.

If you are clever, you can probably see what the word graffiti used to say before it was changed to something more positive.

“I wish you didn’t have to fly away”


“Shucks, you’re #1”


“Lucky you, Murphy”


“Cook’n peachy” – on a second glance, I realized this probably says “Look’n peachy” … guess I had food on the brain.




“you kno you luff it”


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We treat the diseased


But what’s the difference

Like now

They were people before the diagnosis

And we know this

But we ignore this

Can’t help but store this

Idea in my head

That we’re all just as unsteady as

The people we call crazy

The lines become hazy

When you start to embrace the

Differences among us


Along a line of sanity

Grievances of humanity

Lately so much tragedy

When family

Is anomaly


The normal theme

War on cancer

And the war on ourselves

Health is simple but we sell ourselves

To a system

That keeps us sick

Just in the nick of time

To make a quick


Tough luck for us

Who want to do it different

See life as the greatest gift

Who treasure it

Stand guard for it

No matter what the difference

The illness

Minds or matter

Scientists and Mad Hatters

Everyone can hear the clatter

Only of their own mind

And never know the pain or the brilliance of another


Would you call me a different name if I was sick

Would you notice my absence if my doctor wrote a note about it?

Do you discriminate?

Even if it’s not out of hate

But just inability to see the beauty that’s innate

In every lovely face

On the planet

God planned it

The diversity that you see

Is just a peak at what will be


But back to my point

Pointing out the obvious

But it’s not so obvious

Or else we would have got this

We don’t treat the sick the same

And we forget that most sicknesses don’t have a name

There’s more in the mind and the heart that needs healing

Than will ever be described by a word or a feeling

No diagnosis – but let’s promote this

Every time you reach out

There’s a life that you can save

From the grave situation they face every day

And the love that you give

Will come back to you tenfold

You put in some bronze

You’ll get out some gold

Whatever your stance

We all deserve grace

Great things lay ahead

When you get what I say.

words about moving away



You’ll never know what could be

If you stay on this side of the sea

There’s a danger and reward

In choosing to move forward

Away from familiar feelings

Breaking through glass ceilings

Retching from the change in atmosphere

The drop in pressure from there to here

You’ll realize how far you’ve come

Only once the flight is done

If you open up your chest

Feel the freedom, you are blessed

To get another chance at this

To walk the tight rope, take the risk